Friday, December 14, 2007

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Approaches To Toilet Potty Training

Potty training for boys or girls is never easy.You will find it easier with some potty training tips.But if you find the toilet potty training hard even after using various potty training tips you have gather,You may want to try a different approach.

You may try the early approach which involves toilet potty training your child really early(~3months old).You will need to patiently sit your baby on the potty for a few minutes everyday.

This method will not be suitable for parents who are impatient.They must remember that starting early doesn't mean they would end the training faster.This approach would still need at least 10 months.

If the above method doesn't work out,you can try postponing toilet potty training until the child is ready.They wait until the child shows signs of readiness before starting potty training.Boys and girls around the age of 18 months to two years are said to already have the ability to control the muscles that are responsible for holding in poop or pee. This can be a good age to start potty training the child.

If your child starts to ditch the diaper,this is a good sign they want to start using potty.That cute and funny way of how your kid imitates his mom or dad can also be a good place to start. By being a model, you can show your child that poop and pee belong inside the potty. Through imitation, your child might just do the same.

The last approach you could try, especially with older kids, combines readiness and training by example in a whole day process of toilet potty training. A distraction-free environment, patient guidance and good incentives are important factors for the success of this approach.

This approach requires full attention and may not be effective when the child has a bad experience with toilets or is constantly having temper tantrums.

Always remember that what really matters in toilet potty training your child is that he or she is also enjoying it, and you can make this happen through carefully planning out how you will approach the process. This will not only make it easier, but it will be a memorable milestone for your kid as well.

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Toilet Potty Training Tips For Your Boys

Successfully potty training boys is said to take a longer time than girls. Nobody can really tell the reason why, but most people consider the fact the it is the mommies who are the potty-trainers, and considering the difference between males and females, girls are usually the ones who immediately get the idea of toilet potty training since they are physically like their mommies. Boys on the other hand would need a male role model to completely get the right procedure.

Another reason may also be because, more than learning the basics of potty training, boys need to also learn and master the proper way of peeing standing up. At first, boys need to learn to pee sitting down since peeing and pooping usually come at the same time at least for the first few months thus, it would be easier to toilet train them that way.

After a few months or so, when your son can now pee sitting down by himself, he is ready to go to the next step: learning to pee standing up. This would require a male role model so it is better to ask his dad, an older brother or an uncle for help. Make your son go with his male role model to the bathroom and see for himself how it is done. After a while, he can try doing it himself.

To help him perfect the proper way of peeing standing up, here are some potty training tips that you could try:

Aiming takes a lot of practice and so you must be ready to do little wipe-ups here and there before your boy can actually do it right. Show him how to point his penis down so that he won't spray his pee around the bathroom. It would also be helpful if he has a target to which he can aim his pee. One potty training tip suggests Cheerio cereals, paper boats or any other small, floating and flushable products as useful and fun targets.

Making toilet potty training fun for him can also help. Instead of floating cheerios, you could also try draining the water from the bowl, then painting a red target. This could be another way of perfecting his aim.

Training could also be made fun with his role model. On a trip to the woods for example, or somewhere where it is private, the boy can practice his aim. In the winter, father and son could have a peeing party while trying to right in the snow.

It would also help to make everything about toilet potty training comfortable for the boy. If the boy can not reach the toilet bowl, give him a boost by letting him stand on your toes or providing a safe platform on which he can stand. But, be sure that the toilet seat is secure enough not to fall down on your little boy as he is urinating or is guarded enough to prevent him from scraping his penis. You wouldn't want his potty experience to be a painful one.

Toilet potty training your young boy won't be much of a problem for you if you make it fun and easy for your son. Without the stress of trying to learn something new and perfecting it, your young one could learn to go to the potty with ease.

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